Jon Sonnenschein

Hometown: Hartford, Connecticut

Why did you chose the Geography program at SU?

I chose Geography because I took Human Geography 171 in Spring 2011 and thought to myself, “this is a really cool subject!” After I realized how cool Human Geography was, I continued to take Geography courses. I didn’t know what I wanted to be, but I knew I thought Geography was awesome, so I just went for it and signed up for the major. A lot of people questioned my judgement but I didn’t care, I thought Geography was the coolest subject.

After SU Geography – Where are you now?

I’m at Travelers Insurance in Hartford, CT. I’m a Geospatial Business Analyst. We’re pretty much compiling a master location database. That’s more or less all I am allowed to say…

What Geography skills do you use at work?

I use GIS every single day. (Geographic Information Systems…see Geospatial)

Advice for undergrads?

My advice to undergrads is to take as many GIS and/or remote sensing classes as you can. They may be technical, but they will help you get the job you want. Every company wants to use GIS all of a sudden. GIS will perfectly supplement everything you’re interested in, whether it be actual GIS work, environmental geography, cultural geography, anything!