What’s Geography?

Most popular answers to that question (given by ‘persons on the street’):

#1  “Where stuff is.”

#2  “Knowing where stuff is.”


Sort of.

For a different, bigger and better answer . . .

Check out the Prezi below.  It presents the insights that came out of our class discussions in Syracuse University’s GEO 491:  Senior Seminar in Geography during Fall 2014.

(Don’t be alarmed if it takes a little while for the Prezi to load.  Mozilla Firefox is fastest if you are on a desk- or lap-top.  There’s also a free Prezi app for most wireless devices.)

And make sure to watch the included YouTube video from The Ellen Show.  The kid featured is amazing because he knows where a lot of stuff is . . .  but Ellen, we’ve gotta tell you:

Geography is so much more!

(If you couldn’t get the Prezi to load, or if you’d rather read a text-based version of it, click here.)

Now that you have a better idea of what Geography is . . .

There are two ways to learn even more about Geography through this website.

1.  Navigate to the pages that Syracuse University Geography Undergrads have created about the Geography subfields mentioned in the Prezi.

Have you ever wondered:

  • where your food comes from? Check out SU’s concentration in Nature and Society.
  • how the Grand Canyon was formed? Check out SU’s concentration in Physical Geography.
  • what happens to all that data that gets created when you geo-tag or do a location check-in on social media sites?   Check out SU’s concentration in Geospatial Techniques.
  • how the politics of one major city can influences places far beyond its borders? Check out SU’s concentration in Urban and Political Geographies.
  • how societies fueled themselves before coal and oil? Check out SU’s concentration in Cultural and Historical Geographies.

2. Navigate to the pages the Undergrads have put together to show different aspects of SU Geography Department life.

Here you can learn about:


geocuse.syr.edu is brought to you by the members of Geography 491:  Senior Seminar in Geography, Fall 2014

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